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Welcome Employees !
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Important Web Sites
Organization Name/Page Description Website
Qatar E-Government http://portal.www.gov.qa/
Visa/RP/Traffic Application and Tracking http://www.moi.gov.qa/site/english/
Telephone Bills and E-Pay http://www.qtel.com.qa
Qatar Net Mails http://wm.qatar.net.qa
Qatar Steel Supplier Portal http://xcenter.qatarsteel.com.qa:8000
Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://english.mofa.gov.qa/
Mowasalat Services http://eng.mowasalat.com/site/topics/index.asp?cu_no=1&lng=0
Qatar Living (classifieds- cum business Directory) http://www.qatarliving.com/
Qatar Tourism http://www.qatartourism.gov.qa/

Important Telephone Numbers
  Police, Fire and Ambulance 999
  Telephone Directory 180
  International Calls Inquiry 150
  Telephone Services 111
  Doha Airport Air Traffic & Flights Inquiry 44629999-44656666
  Qatar Metrological Department 44656590
  Hamad General Hospital 44394444
  Medical Commission 44679111
  Customs & Ports Authority 44457457
  Doha Airport Customs 44621104
  Doha Port Customs 44457246
  Border Points, Passports & Aliens Affairs Department 44890333
  Doha Airport Passports & Security 44622105
  Doha Airport (Instant Visas) 44622105
  Doha Airport (Prearranged Visas) 44621751
  Doha Port Passports 44457457
  Traffic & Patrol Police Department 44890666
  Public Relations At The Ministry Of Interior 44849444
  Electricity Emergency 991
  Qater Emergency 44325959
  Qatar Post Authority 44464000
  Doha Securities Market 44333666
  Qatar Chamber Of Commerce & Industry 44621131
  Department Of Publications 44427373
  Qatar Public Library 44389888
  Qatar Photographic Society 44410209
  Visual Arts Centre 44676251
  Qatar National Museum 44442191
  Qatar University 44852222
  Youth General Authority 44316372
  Qatar Red Crescent Society 44435111
  Womens Hospital 44396666
  Rumaillah Hospital 44392222
  Primary Health Centers  
Al Montaza Center 444435784
  Madinat Khaleefa Health Center 44862655
  Al Rayyan Health Center 44803461
  Airport Health Center 44675633
  West Bay Health Center 44837790
  Al Shammal Health Center 44731232
  Al Khor Health Center 44720224
  Al Wakrah Health Center 44644453
  Oman Ibn Al Khatab Health Center 44667374
  Abu Bakir Health Center 44681797
  Al Shahanya Health Center 44718995
  Um Ghwalina Health Center 44433892
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