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IT Outsourcing Operational Philosophy from INFOBHAN

1. Introduction

In today’s business world, companies face significant challenges in managing and optimizing their global IT infrastructure which becomes more and more complex. Companies need to have flexible IT processes that can be adapted quickly and dynamically to move with the changes required by the Business lines.

How can you be sure that you have the right resources at the right time for the right cost to manage the IT infrastructure according to the SLA’s that the Business lines requires?

To meet these challenges, INFOBHAN offers a comprehensive portfolio of focused solutions to help you better manage your infrastructure and reduce your overall resource costs. These services free resources in your organization, allowing you to focus them on more strategic projects with great added value.

By reducing costs, decreasing the IT operational management staff and optimizing IT infrastructure, Our Service Management Methodology play an important role in company’s strategy and efficiency. These Services close the gap between Business Line requirements and IT delivery.

INFOBHAN’s Infrastructure Support Services provides a suite of services to help customer manage and optimise their infrastructure either on Customer’s site or remotely from our facilities. Unlike traditional outsourcing models, Our support services are designed to keep the client in control of their IT environment.

INFOBHAN has the resources and expertise to deliver the highest quality services with predictable and consistent results. Our certified, experienced and proven staff strength on various technologies are dedicated to helping customer enhance the performance of their infrastructure, comprising management services in datacenter, servers, desktops, peripherals, telephony, access control, security and network environments.

Our resources are continuously trained on new technologies and are using proven delivery methodology and bests practices.

INFOBHAN differentiates itself from other providers of Managed/Unmanaged Support Services through a philosophy of technical and operational level of continual improvements.  We work proactively with its customers to improve the effectiveness of the service provided and reliability of their IT systems and equipment to industry-recognized best practice standards. Benefits to the customer include greater levels of end-user satisfaction, longer asset life, reductions in system downtime and a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and value on support (VOS).

Ø  Intelligent support that are grown from grass roots and improved to modernization to cut costs and increase the business performance

Ø  In-depth technical capability extending all domains of IT Infrastructure Support.

Ø  In-house capabilities to support Intel/HP/CISCO/Microsoft/Lotus Notes/RedHat/Oracle/Symantec technologies.

Ø  Extensive experience in ‘mission-‘ and ‘time-critical’ support throughout various corporate organizations in Qatar that includes Qatar Petrochemicals Co. Qatar Steel, Qatar Vinyl, Qatar Development Bank, Urban Planning, British Council ..etc.

Ø  An unrivalled track record of 15 Years in Qatar in supporting the most demanding IT infrastructure of the age on-site of major corporate industries.

Ø  Wide spectrum of services, from infrastructure consultancy, through technical, hardware, software and network support services to rapid response break/fix maintenance services

Ø  An unrelenting drive to minimize downtime

Ø  Good infrastructure of mobility and mobile teams with modern tools and utilities in hand.

Ø  State-of-the-art PC Lab/workshop, reseller channels, partnered facilities providing cost-effective repairs right down to component-level in the area of Hardware Desktop and Peripherals maintenance.

Ø  The customer and business orientation, process based support, human resource quality and integrity of our staff and the thoroughness of our training regimes


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Distinct from conventional methodologies, ours is truly business centric and process oriented. This integrates service delivery processes congruent to its ISO20000 and 27000 guidelines and ITIL process orientation. The methodology draws heavily on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and or Prince 2.

Entire operation is focused to provide the maximum system availability by applying best possible incident management on-site with proactive problem management skills are specifically aligned to meet Qatar Steel’s SLA requirements. Operation will ensure well tested IT service continuity documentation, procedure and operations that are designed to Qatar Steel’s specific environment that is in place. 

Continual Service Improvements (CSI) will be adopted as routine process in this project to enhance and ensure quality and service levels. Our Management and resources will continually improve their quality and services. It will monitor the success of this strategy in the whole operation designed and contracted by Qatar Steel.

Our business alliance with ACCEL-FRONLINE ( and Y1 Solutions Inc. for Facility Management and Aufait Technologies ( for Application and Database support had enabled us to stay ahead by merging their methodologies complemented with pool of expertise resources available on demand.

Our methodology is designed to meet the requirements of both managed and unmanaged operations. This methodology reduces the impact of underlying risks involved in both mode of operations. The operation will assume the moral responsibility for the whole lot of services offered and for any failure in  SLA or deduction in the expected quality of services.

2.            Service Delivery and Start-up

It is to provide uninterrupted IT Infrastructure Management Services to Qatar Steel ensuring that the comprehensive infrastructure, systems and quality resources are available throughout the agreed contract period. System familiarization is done, within 2 Weeks on site, both by on-site and off-site resources. Documentations are examined, Mechanism to generate additional documentations are designed in a reasonable time frame. Permissible information sharing between Qatar Steel IT and our On-Site and Off-Shore resources are made in co-ordination between the designated personnel.

Existing facilities, implementation of Qatar Steel’s Contractor interaction processes and co-ordination sequences, Server Roles, Application Deployments and Associated Database connectivity, Operating System Deployments, , IP Schemes, Network Layouts, Internet connectivity, Firewall ports and permission layouts are familiarized well within the given time and alternative arrangement, if needed, are proposed to meet SLA Requirements.

3.                               INFOBHAN Service Desk


All underpinned by ITIL best practice. We do have an in-house Service Desk, located at our office manned on all days except Fridays during normal public and private enterprise work hours. This Single Point of Contact ensures, all complementary support services required by the TDR-003 and TDR 005-22/2011 are served with adequate quality of technical and administrative support to meet all agreed service levels and targets assigned or allocated by QS ITD.

The desk achieves the following objectives:

  A single point of contact (SPOC) for all request escalations.

§  This SPOC will be under the accounts manager.

  To ensure business goals are met by the delivery of excellent support

  To help identify and lower the cost of IT services as a whole

  To satisfy our customers and thereby their retention

  To help other areas of the user satisfaction on complementary basis.

Through the following responsibilities:

  Receive and record all calls escallation from our on-site resources and QS ITD  and deal with any types of assistance required to complete the IT Service Requests related the signed contract.

  Assess all calls and help to resolve the issues over telephone by applying right judgment if needed.

  Monitor all service incidents and escalate if necessary.

  Keep customers or their users informed on status and progress thru our on-site resources.


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4.            Meeting the full range of SLA requirements

A huge range of hardware and software break/fix services are offered from our office expertees to complete the SLA targets and level. These meet the needs of the widest range of service levels  from those with relaxed SLA requirements, through to  60-minute fix SLA is needed. Whatever the requirements, INFOBHAN will assist our on-site resources thru a dedicated back-end support process to meet the full range of Contract and SLA obligations that are part of TDR 003 & 005 -22/2011 and provide QS ITS with guaranteed support and professional interactions.

5.            Full Managed Support Services:

Our dedicated team fully manages on Customer’s site (part of the) infrastructure according to the term of Service Level Agreements (SLA) to meet the Company’s unique Business needs. We take the entire responsibility to operate the infrastructure (or part) and deliver the right service in terms of availability, performance and scalability. The Service is being managed thru ITIL v3 oriented Service Desk Tool (Manage Engine’s Service Desk Enterprise 7.0) or Customer given interfaces and tools.  Resources and Call  Management is made 24*7 basis if needed.

The calls/ requests / incidents are picked thru Web Forms, automated but filtered email routings, direct phone calls, SMS and fax messages. A land telephone line, GSM and Technical Support  will be available to Qatar Steel from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm from SUN thru THU. This setup will act as a SPOC for the whole of the support operation contracts in possession. The tickets assigned to our staff are monitored (with prior permission from the client), calls prioritization methodology is well understood and resources allocation made by the client SD Operator or Administrator is followed with call ownership responsibility, until successful closure. This method of operation will ensure that, our on-site resources are continues monitored, calls are picked up on time, calls are followed with appropriate priority and resolution requirements. We will also make our own Service Desk rules that meets in line with client given SLA with INFOBHAN and appropriate business rules and routing engines enacted to perform the escalations to the Operations Manager of INFOBHAN who will have direct responsibility to compliant with the SLA targets provided by the client contract. All our on-site resources are followed and ensured to produce their daily, weekly and monthly reports from the Service Desk System provided by the client and are ensured to make the scheduled reporting as per the management formulated processes part of the Contract.

All the calls attended by the On-Site and Off-site resources are forced thru ITIL based processes such as timely call pickup, business impact analysis, business oriented and intelligent prioritization, judging the distance and location, tools and requirement  mobilization, call attention, call resolution and follow-up.  Vendor management will be done based on the Warranty, Repair and Replacement related policies and approved activities in consultation with client SD Operator or SD Administrator and other management delegated leaderships time to time.

All the calls are analyzed daily, weekly and monthly by the dedicated Accounts Manager (Assigned for Qatar Steel Tenders TDR-003 & 005 /22/2011 ) at INFOBHAN for SLA compliance, call allocation, resolution and closure effectiveness. The monthly Service Level Review is conducted at Qatar Steel  ITD in the prescribed format and extracted request response and resolution information for SLA compliance verification by QS IT Management.  The Accounts Manager will also ensure the weekly reports are produced from the Service Desk System and submitted by each of the on-site resources to their designated QS contact points or leadership.

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6.            Call Recording

All the calls assigned by the SD Operator and directly captured thru manual, electronic or automated means are either recorded or updated with maximum possible information that is required for SLA Compliance and useful to troubleshooting and capacity planning by QS ITD. Maximum calls are closed at first instant itself by deploying multi-skilled, experienced and comprehensively communicating resources. INFOBHAN’s On-Site resources will exert maximum expertise to immediately and efficiently closing the calls. It will utilize and populate the knowledge databases with best information that helps future calls to close faster.

7.            Categorization, Prioritizing, Allocation & Closure

All the requests and Incidents allocated to INFOBHAN’s resources are attended with QS’s SLA requirement, business orientation and management priority. Incidents pickup are made with the optimized and agreed skill sets with full ownership.  Resources are motivated for best call attention, resolution and closure to their best level that are above QS’s SLA requirements. Pending incidents are followed with off-site resources and vendors as needed and assigned with higher authority escalations. Ensuring the resolution and closure are made within agreed SLA and with proactive problem management orientation.

8.            User Feedback.


User feed back on the quality of delivered services and INFOBHAN’s on-site resource’s individual performances are recorded on QS ITD given forms or screens as stipulated in Service Level Review requirements and for SLA targets measuring by QS IT. This will be submitted to QS ITD management for review and further action. Users are encouraged and informed on how to fill-up the feedbacks.

9.            Account Manager

There will be an Account Manager off-site and on-site, familiar with QS IT Systems, Management Processes and SLA Requirements, committed to give priority services in terms of monitoring the resources performance, attendance, quality of service, skill set appropriation, call escalation,  call resolution ..etc. Communication to him by Telephone (Office and Residence), Email, GSM and SMS are activated without any limit for QS ITD and our on-site resources. Adequate replacement will be notified with 15 days prior notification during his vacation.

He will be one of the senior management people in INFOBHAN and qualified with Service Operation Management training and skills.



 10.         On-Site Resources Allocated for the proposed Contract with Qatar Steel.

INFOBHAN will continue to provide all its readily stationed and available On-Site resources currently deployed at QS ITD if QS ITD prefers the same due to their acceptance. Incase of any rejection or omission of existing single or many resources by QS ITD, INFOBHAN will complement with appropriate and skilled resources within 45 days time and provide knowledge transfer and handover from the existing resources. The additionally required resources at Doha and off-shore will be arranged to give personal interviews or On-Line interviews which ever is applicable.   All the required resource’s CVs are already filtered and kept ready for submitting to Qatar Steel ITD screening process as needed.



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